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A powerful and effective way of working creates a better result.


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We understand that every situation needs a different solution and that’s why we’re able to create agile solutions for a variety of environments. After all, we work in an agile and involved manner that allows us to work together in a responsive way.

Agile for the communication department

Coaching, training, and cooperation. We transform the communication workers into agile-savvy professionals. 

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Communications for agile transformations

Clever solutions, custom strategies, change-communications, and an agile mindset for the most effective agile organizational transformation.

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Our Courses

Agile Foundation for Marketing & Communication

The foundation of the agile mindset that teaches you everything about the connection between tools, techniques, rituals and the collaborative philosophy of agile working within MarCom.

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Agile Foundation for Knowledge Workers

The foundation of the agile mindset that teaches you everything about the relationship between tools, techniques, rituals and the collaborative philosophy of agile working in knowledge professions.

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Agile Advanced for Marketing & Communication

An in-depth training that broadens your knowledge about the agile application within the field of marketing, communication, and change-management.

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Scrum Master course for Knowledge Workers

A course that educates knowledge workers to become Scrum Masters. Lead your own work, as well as that of your team, to the desired end result in an effective manner.

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Why Agile Communication?

…Because our organization is the expert in training, coaching, and transforming communication professionals, departments, and organizations that strive for a faster and more effective working method. We – as specialists – ensure that departments and professionals are converted into certified and agile-savvy individuals and teams.


This is why you should start working with Agile Communication:

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Our clients about Agile Communication

  • "The different career backgrounds of the participants ensured the exchange of educational experiences and created added value for me in addition to the theoretical explanation. Mariëlle responded well to the group and the questions that were asked. In the meantime she provided great tools to prepare us for the exam. The expectations I has in advance of taking the Agile course have been fulfilled."
    Nadira ElajiNadira ElajiProject leader ICTU
  • “The Agile MarCom Advanced course is no longer about the agile principles and rituals, but about how you can add value in agile processes as a MarCom professional. In order to learn this, a range of tools and techniques are reviewed and taught in a pleasant, interactive manner by top coach and trainer Marielle. This course gives you a toolkit and a better understanding so you can start to be a MarCom professional of added value to interdisciplinary agile teams early on. This could be a communications professional, strategic marketeer or online marketeer.”
    Roald TichelaarRoald TichelaarEntrepeneur
  • “I took the Agile Marcom foundation course with Marielle. She also helped me prepare for the scrum master exam. Her enthusiasm helped me to familiarize myself with Agile / SCRUM even more. She can translate how agile can be applied in a Marketing/Communication department very nicely. Working in an agile manner is a challenge when crisis communication is almost a daily occurrence. However, she makes it possible and working agile (in complex environments) is great fun!”
    Joyce DatemaJoyce DatemaIT communication expert
  • “Marielle is a professional with broad and thorough professional knowledge. She showed us and made us experience the principles of Agile Scrum with interactive games, assignments, and topical practical examples. Agile Scrum is also embedded in a broader organizational perspective in this course. Fun and valuable training; well applicable and her enthusiasm is contagious!”
    Juul CouperusJuul CouperusCommunication advisor KNMI