Agile Communication is

Marielle Roozemond

Marielle Roozemond studied Sociology at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and was captivated by ideas about self-management in the workplace. During an internship in Sweden she supplemented her knowledge with practical experience. Back in the Netherlands, she started as a researcher at Erasmus University and moved into a marketing position at an education institution. This is where she was introduced to The Vision Web, a company that radically combined self-management with entrepreneurship, loosely based on the principles of Ricardo Semler. Marielle fulfilled various marketing and communication roles at The Vision Web and its merge partner (Ordina) and divisions (PMtD). She took on both staff positions and consultancy assignments for client companies such as Europe Container Terminals, NOC * NSF and ICTU.

Starting in 2013, she applies Agile Project Management in the Marketing & Communication field. For the ‘professional translation’ of complex MarCom related subjects, she collaborates with Arie van Bennekum (co-author Agile Manifesto) and Emeritus Professor Betteke van Ruler, author of the Reflective Communication Scrum.

Marielle has extensive experience as an agile expert and is very active in the agile world as chairman of the Agile MarCom Consortium and board member at Agile Consortium. She is also a part-time lecturer at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Communication, Media and Computer Science.